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How you can be involved

You can increase your organisation's profile with students and help them gain valuable experience in a number of ways.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects

These subjects involve students spending a defined amount of time, usually 100 – 200 hours, within a workplace for educational purposes. They are required to complete assessment based on their experience.

Involvement in WIL subjects can be a cost effective method of delivering business solutions. 

'The WIL program solved the issue of who would plan and manage a fundraiser. Students came with fresh ideas and assisted our pool of over-stretched volunteers.'
Kym Ortenburg
Founder, The Gertrude Traders Association
Event Management discipline


Mentoring can be an informal or formal process. Experience, skills and a desire to help are among the most valuable assets in a mentoring relationship, rather than age or title.

Mentoring provides existing staff with a significant professional development opportunity.

Shadowing helps students to increase their knowledge, skills and understanding of a particular job role through first hand observation.      

Guest lectures                  

Providing your services as a guest lecturer is a very cost effective way to lift your organisation's profile within a targeted group of students.

We usually choose guest lecturers because they are an expert in their field. Guest lecturing brings added knowledge and a different perspective to students usual lectures and tutorials, broadening their experience.                     

Field visits                 

Field visits allow students to observe and ask questions of professional and industry practitioners in the workplace. They enable students to link theory with practice and get an insight into the profession that they can't get from the class room.

Field visits allow your organisation to promote employment opportunities to a relevant student group.    


We are open to your suggestions!  Please let us know if there are other ways you would like to engage with students from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

'Students are self motivated and eager to learn about current business practices.'
Maxwell Gratton
Operations Manager, Special Projects and Discipline, Football Federation Victoria
Sport Management discipline

Available study areas

  • Accounting    
  • Business       
  • Event Management   
  • Finance
  • Human Resources  Management                    
  • Management                      
  • Marketing                
  • Sports Management
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management