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Employers have been calling for university graduates to be more work ready for many years. You can help us achieve this, and get exposure for your organisation at the same time.

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law offers a range of practical learning opportunities, so that students can be of most benefit to employers when they graduate.

We invite employers to take an active role in developing well-rounded graduates, and suitable future employees, by participating in our experiential learning programs.

How you can be involved

There are two main ways:

  • Host a student in your workplace, so that they can put their learning into practice (Work Integrated Learning, which may be an internship)
  • Be a guest lecturer, mentor or offer field visits so that they can explore theory-based concepts in a way that is relevant to industry problems (Experience Based Learning).

Benefits to you

By participating in our experiential programs, you can:

  • Lift your organisation's profile and promote employment opportunities to a targeted student group
  • Become an employer of choice and develop a pool of future recruits
  • Trial a potential employee without obligation
  • Complete new or existing projects that you otherwise couldn't afford due to staffing resources
  • Provide professional development to existing staff via mentoring a student
  • Bring fresh ideas into your team
  • Develop pathways with La Trobe University and be involved in the development of university curriculum.
'Any organisation would benefit from participating in WIL, with the introduction of fresh ideas, enthusiasm and talent. We had a project waiting and WIL was the impetus to get it started. Our student has grabbed the project and run with it... she has been an absolute delight with her positivity and ideas.'
Gail Baker, Director of Studies, ALTEC
Management discipline

Our expectations

Our expectations of you will depend on whether you are participating in internships and other types of Work Integrated Learning, or Experience Based Learning activities.

However, one factor will always remain constant – all activities need to provide a meaningful learning experience to students by using real-world industry problems and examples that are relevant to their specific field of study.

Our expectations of you include:

  • Orientation session before placement
  • Specific project brief/clear direction
  • Industry-standard projects
  • Adequate supervision, guidance and mentoring
  • Regular feedback to students on their performance
  • Suitable workspace and equipment for students so they can achieve optimal results
  • A workplace that meets OH&S standards
  • Recognition that quality students will come from a variety of backgrounds – i.e. local/international students, mature age students, part time/full time study load – and be open to the knowledge and experiences that all students can bring to the organisation
  • Support site visits from Subject or WIL Coordinators where requested
  • Keep Subject or WIL Coordinators informed of any issues.


La Trobe University has an insurance policy which covers students who are on unpaid internships or WIL placements. Learn more about what we cover.

If you wish to pay students for their WIL activities, they will need to be covered by your insurance policy.

The WIL or Subject Coordinator will ensure the relevant paperwork is completed, with copies sent to you. The insurance process is simple and usually only requires your signature.

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