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Book La Trobe, our University-wide gateway, makes it easier for you to access the spaces, services and resources available at each of our campuses. These links are for use by La Trobe University staff only.

Please note: if you are accessing this page outside of the University network, you will be asked to sign in with your staff credentials when clicking on the links below.

Book a space

Use Book La Trobe's Online Booking Wizard to book central meeting spaces across campuses - any time and any where.
Book a meeting space

Booking enquiries for teaching and learning purposes should be directed to Timetable Assist. Ad hoc bookings of teaching and learning spaces can be booked online using Web Room Bookings.

You can also view teaching and learning facilities by campus location.

Book AV or video conferencing

Book a video conference or browse the ICT Service Catalogue and Knowledge Database.

Video-conferencing requests

ICT and AV Service Catalogue

ICT & AV Knowledge Database and Requests

About Book La Trobe

Learn more about the Book La Trobe project and access project updates and quick reference guides.

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