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Smashed avo: is there a war on youth?

Thursday 23 August 06:30pm

Do Baby Boomers understand the current challenges facing Millennials or are they too busy spending their inheritance to care?

Past Bold Thinking events

Thursday 21 June 06:30pm

As the internet of things invades the everyday and our lives become more reliant on technology, so too are we becoming more and more vulnerable to privacy breaches and data misuse?

Thursday 24 May 05:30pm

What does the future for you and your family look like in a community that is getting older?

Wednesday 18 April 06:30pm

Plant based food diets are on the rise with an increasing number of people choosing veganism in Melbourne and globally. Why do people make this choice and how does this relate to their sense of identity? What are the psychological and sociological aspects of diet and food choice in light of the rise of veganism and other food trends?

Wednesday 28 March 06:30pm

 It's been five years since the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was launched with the promise of revolutionising the care and support of people with a range of abilities.  In 2018 it's time to ask - has that commitment been delivered?

Wednesday 22 November 06:30pm

Join us for the final Bold Thinking Series lecture for 2017 in La Trobe University’s 50th Anniversary year. The conversation will explore the history of Australian Universities, debate their role in today’s modern society and ask what the future could and should be in the decades to come? What are the challenges and what is needed for the students, industry and the community at large from Universities?

Wednesday 27 September 05:45pm

Join us for the sixth Bold Thinking Series lecture, and our second regional lecture for 2017, where we discuss the Goulburn Valley’s relative success at receiving, and accommodating, large numbers of migrants of different ethnic origins over a long period.   The different groups and subsequent emerging communities represent diversity in not only nationality, culture and circumstance, but also in the way that their migration has occurred.