Welcome back 2009

Welcome back for 2009!

For those of you returning to La Trobe Law, we hope you had a refreshing and relaxing break and are ready for another year. Those of you joining La Trobe Law welcome to the La Trobe Law Forum, where we hope you can spend some of your (hopefully little) idle time this year.

As always, we welcome contributions in the form of comments on any of the pieces that appear on the Forum. Make sure you have a look at some of the pieces from last year - many of the topics discussed are of ongoing relevance, so continued feedback is always welcome.

Those of you who would like to contribute a stand alone piece, email Keith Kendall at k.kendall@latrobe.edu.au.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2009.


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    New responses, and site news. In the future, hopefully we will information about school rankings and faculty responses.

  3. Kids Crafts says:

    New updates, thanks for all the great responses. Hopefully we can get more news.

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    Always interesting to read updates and new pages, thanks for all the comments and new school awards.

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    Excellent school news and suggestions, thanks for all the interesting input and comments that offer important school information.

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    News and informative articles, I really like to keep track of the updates and news. Thanks for the all the relevant news.

  7. YouGarden says:

    School news and updates are interesting to read, thanks for all the valuable input and new responses.

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