Regulating privacy in the new genomic era

Friday, October 31. 2008
The mapping of the ‘standard’ human genome has created a vast multitude of new scientific possibilities. Genome research is potentially a very powerful tool for addressing any medical issue. It has the ability to influence our basic understandings of human life and complex disease. The results of Genome Research offer great promise for unraveling the causes behind various human diseases and providing fundamental improvements in the prevention and treatment of diseases. The transfer of findings from Genome Research into clinical applications which generate novel insights and new methods for therapy are likely to have an enormous impact on human welfare. Yet, despite the potential benefits of Genome Research and the hopes that this strand of research inspires in ill patients, there are many risks associated with Genome Research. Genome Research presents an array of ethical and legal challenges. One of the key challenges facing modern regulators is how to properly deal with the impact of genetic research and novel innovative genetic technologies on the safety and privacy of our personal information.

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