Welcome to the new La Trobe Law Online Forum. By establishing this Forum, we hope to present a venue where ideas can be put forward and debated in a serious fashion. The ideas presented here will focus largely on current topical issues affecting the law and the legal profession, will sometimes be controversial and always thought-provoking. Posts will predominantly be contributed by La Trobe Law faculty, with material already slated from our Head of School, Professor Jianfu Chen, Dr Jill Murray, Dr Savitri Taylor, Dr Steven Tudor and Dr Keith Kendall. Occasional contributions will also come from our top students and invited members of the legal community.

Much of the material posted here will be based on research the contributor is undertaking at that time. As such, we invite members of the legal community, academia and the broader community to make critical comments. We only ask that such comments be constructive and be designed to improve the debate that is taking place.

Of course, all such constructive comments are welcome, including regarding the sources of material posted and the general operation of the Forum. We seek to post as much material produced from within La Trobe Law as possible and are open to any new suggestions. The Forum is designed to be used as easily as possible, particularly to encourage feedback that will improve our research.

A forum run by lawyers wouldn't be complete without a disclaimer. So, to not break with tradition, please note that any material posted on this Forum - both as entries as well as comments - strictly represent the views only of the contributor/commentator and not that of La Trobe Law or of the University at large. We encourage the free expression of ideas, so long as this is all in the spirit of genuine academic debate. If you take exception to something that is posted, please respond and explain why you think that idea is wrong. This is what the Forum is designed to do.

Finally, the birth of this Forum owes much to the Law School Faculty Blog operated at the University of Chicago. A pioneering experiment in itself, that Blog has proven to be highly successful in continuing the University of Chicago’s strong tradition of engaging the broader community with the University’s extensive thought leadership. We encourage users of this Forum to visit that Blog (once you have finished reading and commenting on the material here, of course!).

We look forward to sharing our views with you and hearing your thoughts back.


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