Sin taxes

Cigarette sin taxes are favoured by economists and politicians, generating over $6 billion in revenue per year in Australia. With smoking rates remaining higher in lower socio-economic groups, sin taxes are affecting poor people disproportionately harder – a pack-a-day smoker is spending $4,380 a year on their habit, money that is usually diverted from other household necessities.

A low blow to the poor

Sin Taxes

Speaker bio: Dr Wayne Geerling

Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Wayne has been a Lecturer at La Trobe University since 2006. In this time, he has acquired a reputation for an innovative, interactive teaching style, which is unorthodox yet highly effective. Wayne produced and directed a workshop: “Interactive Learning through Role Play”, which was released on DVD in 2009 and is now an education resource for tutors. Wayne’s dedication to teaching has been recognised with several awards including an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2011.

Wayne’s primary research interest is Economics Education and he is currently working on several projects including the use of multimedia in teaching economics; the impact of social networking on student learning; and how to make introductory economics classes more engaging and inclusive. Wayne only refers to himself in the 3rd person when writing academic biographies.