People, pets and positive psychology

Pets are present in 63% of Australian homes and most Australians have lived with a pet at some point during their life. With a growing recognition that pets add something profoundly important and positive to human lives, there is the opportunity to improve the quality of life of many Australians, the aged, the unwell and socially disadvantaged.

People, pets and positive psychology

Speaker bio: Dr Pauleen Bennett

Associate Professor and Director of Regional Operations, Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering, School of Psychological Science

Unlike some students who see study as a chore, Pauleen totally loved learning - just about anything. She tried out computer science, philosophy, sociology, interdisciplinary studies, biology, zoology and, of course, heaps of psychology. Ten years later she had two Bachelor's degrees, a Master's degree, a PhD and an academic position in the psychology department at Monash University.

In early 2011 she took up a new position as Director of Regional Operations for the School of Psychological Science at La Trobe University.