Fishy ethics

Human beings are harvesting more fish than ever before, with serious consequences. Fishing fleets are using enormous amounts of fossil fuel, damaging ocean ecosystems and destroying many species that are not on the menu.

Why we need to eat less fish

Fishy ethics: Why we need to eat less fish

Speaker bio: Dr Susan Lawler

Head of Department of Environmental Management and Ecology, Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering

Susan has a PhD in evolutionary genetics from Washington University in St. Louis. She has worked at La Trobe University since 1992, beginning as a post-doctoral researcher in the Genetics department, and ending as the Head of Department in Environmental Management and Ecology at the Albury-Wodonga campus.  Susan has received a number of awards for excellence in teaching including an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.   Susan is passionate about the conservation of native fauna and her research usually combines genetic approaches with applied ecology.  She has a particular interest in the freshwater crayfish of Australia.  Susan was recently featured on the TV show Catalyst where she revealed her love of native crayfish such as the Murray Cray and Swamp Yabby, both of which she has kept as pets.