Are our Western accounting standards to blame for terrorism?

This month marked the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. However, whilst the past ten years has witnessed lots of debate around issues of national security and foreign policy, the relationship between world trade, international accounting systems and peace has received comparatively little attention. The relationship between western accounting standards and the rise of terrorism asks whether the institution governing the development of global accounting standards needs to be transformed.

Are our Western accounting standards to blame for terrorism?

Speaker bio: Professor Ken McPhail

Chair in Accounting, Faculty of Law and Management, School of Accounting

Ken was appointed Professor of Accounting at La Trobe in September 2010.  Prior to this he was professor of Social and Ethical Accounting at the University of Glasgow, a position he held since 2004.  Ken has published and lectured internationally in the area of accounting and business ethics, and is currently focusing on the links between corporate accountability and human rights. 

While at Glasgow, Ken took his students to prison as part of his ethics course and caused a bit of a stir at an international conference when he set his paper, on accounting’s role in the holocaust, to Bach, with a cellist playing as he presented the arguments of the paper.