Research Focus Area ideas

Understanding and facilitating learning in children with Autism

Giacomo talks about his recent research on how children with autism learn and how we can improve the learning outcomes using innovative treatment approaches.

The Australian paleo diet: 40,000 years in the making

Jillian talks about Australian zooarchaeology and what we can learn from ancient indigenous diets

Bacteria eating and breathing electricity

Ashley talks about bacteria that can eat and breathe electricity and they way in which they can gain energy.

A sporting chance

Gillian talks about issues of sport, sexuality, participation and inclusion and the way in which sport is or could be used to promote more inclusive societies for everyone.

Transforming aphasia: Preventing depression and enabling social connection

Miranda talks about the work her and her team are doing on the devastating communication disability called aphasia.

Community engagement to create a dialogue on family violence

Reeta is working with two local councils to develop programs that engage with Indian families to open a dialogue on family violence.

Rhythm in the numbers

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but the rhythm of music has some kind of mathematical feel to it.

Transforming the early detection of autism

Early detection and diagnosis leads to early intervention - helping improve outcomes for children diagnosed with autism.

Ensuring effective support: National Disability Insurance Scheme

People with disabilities have to have a say in their own lives, to be able to exercise choice and control, to be able to learn and to be able to work.

Re-imagining Hepatitis B

We need to broaden our understanding of chronic Hepatitis B and possibly broaden our public policy response to the virus.

Enhancing global food security by improving animal health

With population predicted to reach nine billion by 2050 we need to improve animal health to improve their productivity.

Why do we hate?

The question of hatred is one of the most important questions that has faced mankind.