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Could this never before seen process be the answer to treating some diseases?

Big FAT Idea - Understanding cell death

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Understanding how cells die

Video of Dr Ivan Poon discussing his research into cell death.

Student learning experience: using new technology

Student learning experience: using new technology

Research Focus Area ideas

Ideas that centre around real world problems that matter to the Australian community.

AFL ideas

In the heart of the footy season, La Trobe researchers and academics present their Big FAT AFL Ideas.

Community engagement

Community engagement ideas and projects from our researchers and staff.

Celebrating Pride Week with queer ideas

Six speakers take on five queer ideas: Homophobia, older GLBTI sexuality, gender perception and more.

Rural health, community and wellbeing

Five speakers take on issues in rural health: Community need, simulation learning, spaces of wellbeing and 'iTuneification'.

A focus on science

Architecture for science collaboration, ethical geoengineering, obesity epidemic, maternal health and feeding the billions.

Bold thinking, social conscience

Cotton-wool kids, neglected diseases, voicing Sudanese-Australians, teaching science and more...

Ideas to influence our world

Sex education, diamonds for cancer patients, human extinction and more...

Thinking outside the box

Eating less fish, pets' positive psychology, accounting and terrorism, sin taxes and more...

Cachexia: What if we could create a successful treatment?

In this video one of La Trobe's scientists, Dr Amelia Johnston explores her Big FAT Idea – What if we could create a successful treatment for cachexia?

The ecological illiteracy crisis

The ecological illiteracy crisis

Understanding and facilitating learning in children with Autism

Giacomo talks about his recent research on how children with autism learn and how we can improve the learning outcomes using innovative treatment approaches.

The Australian paleo diet: 40,000 years in the making

Jillian talks about Australian zooarchaeology and what we can learn from ancient indigenous diets

Bacteria eating and breathing electricity

Ashley talks about bacteria that can eat and breathe electricity and they way in which they can gain energy.

A sporting chance

Gillian talks about issues of sport, sexuality, participation and inclusion and the way in which sport is or could be used to promote more inclusive societies for everyone.