Wear your diamonds on the inside

Chemotherapy can be effective in killing cancer cells but the dosage has to be just right so as to be lethal to the cancer cells but not the host person! Monitoring internal conditions in order to make the call on dosage is currently problematic. Diamond could be the perfect biomedical material because it is so inert and doesn’t react with other entities. This big idea requires an equally large conceptual partner – obtaining the diagnostic information is one thing – getting that information to the doctor in real time is another!

Wear your diamonds on the inside

Speaker bio: Dr David Hoxley

Lecturer, School of Physics

David was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from Melbourne University in 2003.  His research focused on using the exceptional electronic properties of diamond to make cutting-edge sensors and devices, which he pursued as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Surrey in the UK.

After a brush with cancer culminating in a bone marrow transplant, David became interested in evidence-based teaching and learning at Universities, and took a position as lecturer at La Trobe’s School of Physics, where he is the first year co-ordinator. 

His introductory unit ‘Principles of Physics’ has featured on the iTunes U international homepage. His attention has recently returned to developing diamond devices, but this time to make biological sensors for treatment of blood cancers, which is the subject of his Big FAT ideas presentation.