A 'super' drugs in sport policy

Performance enhancing drugs are a part of professional sport and despite harsh penalties for those who are caught, the incentive to outsmart detection remains high. Applying economic theory to this problem might help us develop an effective disincentive to cheat by implementing a superannuation style delay on prize money.

Liam Lenten - A 'super' drugs in sport policy

Speaker bio: Dr Liam Lenten

Senior Lecturer, School of Economics

A La Trobe undergraduate, Liam completed an honours Economics degree in 1995,  a coursework Master of Commerce in 1997, and by 2005, his PhD.

Liam was appointed to the School of Economics in 1997 and has been senior lecturer since 2008.  His recent research efforts have centred on sports economics and more recently cultural economics.

He is also a regular television guest on ABC News Breakfast.