Community engagement

Community engagement: Not just bums on seats!

Andrew speaks from his experiences with local primary school students and propose that the value of engaging with the local community is not as clear cut as measuring resultant student enrolments.

Cross-cultural engagement: knowing what you don't know

Students in international settings can help us explore how we can meaningfully engage in another cultural setting.

Pre-service teachers learning in the community: Lessons for educators

Community service-learning, and similar community engagement projects at a school level, could be understood as a highly political act with widespread benefits for all involved.

Why integrated health services should include lawyers

Law, health science and other students could work together to provide services to the local community.

FitSkills: Changing attitudes towards disability one chest press at a time

Young people with disability have poorer health and higher rates of obesity and diabetes than their typically developing peers.

Volunteering breaks down barriers

This innovative program connects international students and the local community through volunteering.