‘Homework is so gay’: How do we challenge homophobia in schools?

Homework is so gay\' How do we challenge homophobia in schools?

Roz Ward had a Big FAT Idea about three years ago - to find a way that homophobia in schools could be eradicated. Research Roz and others were doing kept showing the impact of homophobia in schools and that the prevalence of homophobia in schools was overwhelming.

Roz and the team worked with the government, with schools, teachers, families and students to improve the GLBTI experience at school, which formed the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, which was launched in October 2010

To date, 95 schools have joined that coalition, making a commitment to supporting sexual diversity and gender diversity in our school. The schools make a commitment to challenging homophobia, to challenging trans phobia and to thinking beyond heterosexuality as the norm.

Roz talks about the focus of the coalition's current  work - to tackle homophobic language and particularly the issue of using gay instead of a word meaning something derogatory or negative. The language has been around a long time, and as it remains, we can't make schools safer.