Bendigo student transcript - Kristen May Sayer

I’m currently studying a double degree in Nursing and Public Health. It gives you a variety of both nursing, I can work in hospitals in the medical field and also in public health I can work with the community.

I’ve found La Trobe University in Bendigo is fantastic. The lecturers are really supportive, very approachable, and their delivery methods are really quite good. They get you enthused about the lectures, I’ve quite enjoyed it so far.

I find the La Trobe community at the university again is quite supportive. People are approachable, especially the support with the academic skills, and any problems that you have again the lecturers are quite willing and open and there’s quite a lot of mature age students around university which is comforting as I’m one. So it’s a good mix of people, so it’s a great environment.

I find the facilities at Bendigo La Trobe really good. The computer lab has been fantastic for my studies and also the library, I’ve used all the facilities, the academic skills unit have been great.

As part of my course I’ll have the opportunity to work with Bendigo Healthcare Group, they’re one of the largest employers in regional Victoria. During my course I will have placements at the hospital and nursing homes and also out in the community which will give me an opportunity to have experience a wide variety of employment and getting involved in community promotion and health education.

The benefits of working in a regional area in nursing and public health is you’re part of the community, you get to know the people because you’re not seeing a lot of people, you get to know familiar faces. Also you feel you’re contributing to the community, you’re putting something back in.