Bendigo student transcript - Freddy Kagonda

I’m doing a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, it’s a four year course and I’m in my second year.

The lecturers and the lectures are pretty good. On my standards I’d rate them as a ten out of ten.

Bendigo is in my books the best place to be. It’s got the best outdoor activities you could ever get into. It’s not too big like Melbourne, or others that are too small. But you can hang out with friends, get everything done you have to get done in a short space of time.

The facilities here are pretty good, they’re very very good, they’re up to standards. The library is pretty good, it’s well stocked, it’s got every single book you might need at any time, the facilities at the computer labs are all stocked up, you can just do your stuff on your assignments, you can type assignments at any time you wish.

The pharmacy labs are pretty amazing, the stuff you see there you wouldn’t expect to see in a lab at school, but wow, you see it there and think ‘I am really going to use that equipment’. It’s really well stocked, it’s furnished well, it’s one of the high class standards I have ever seen.

Well there’s a whole heap of things we do as international students. We have barbecues, parties, we play sport together, like every Friday we play soccer in the gym, we hang around, we go out on trips. There’s a whole heap of things, there’s too much to do and not enough time.

When I go back to Zimbabwe I’ll take back a heap of knowledge. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve learnt here that I would never learn back at home. It’s really good that I’ll take back this knowledge with me back home and start off being a pharmacist then I’ll open a pharmacy and start off dispensing drugs the way they’re supposed to be dispensed and helping the patients the way they’re supposed to be helped.

La Trobe has had a great impact on my life, and leaving this place I would leave a whole heap of friends and a whole new attitude towards life, cause it has provided with the experience I ever need to attack anything in this world. So if leaving the place, which will be a painful thing, would be taking away the new me I have which is a person who’s confident, who’s able to do stuff on his own, knows where to find stuff where he needs it, it will be a painful thing leaving, but I’ll take a great thing with me.