Bendigo student transcript - Dennis Bainger

I’m studying a double degree in Outdoor Education and Behavioural Science. Outdoor Ed’s a fantastic course. We spend a lot of time in the three years going out into the wild places of Victoria and visiting, learning how to take other people out into the bush which is great.

The lecturers in Outdoor Ed are really passionate about what they do, they love spending their time outdoors and it’s really great to share that passion. With Behavioural science it’s a little different. We get a lot of lectures which are video conferenced from Melbourne, which means we have access to some top quality lecturers who are down in Melbourne, down at the Melbourne campus of La Trobe.

I’ve been involved with the Outdoor Ed club and the Psych Ed club as well for our specific courses and when I was living on res with the res clubs as well. They’ve been a really great way to experience some new experiences, meet some new people in my course and outside of my courses, and also given me an opportunity to practise my or develop my own leadership abilities and skills, and contribute to the regional community here in Bendigo.

When I was investigating where to study I was recommended to study here in Bendigo because it offers a really great Outdoor Ed course which has a really fantastic reputation within the industry. It also offered some other courses and the added benefit of actually being able to study in regional Australia – I’m in the country and preferred to stay in the country rather than the city.

Part of the great thing about this campus is it’s so close to and part of it is actually the Box-Ironbark Forest which surrounds Bendigo. You can be sitting up in the Ironbark Centre which is where we have most of our Outdoor Ed lectures and look out the window and there’ll be a kangaroo hopping by or you can hear the birds flying around. It’s just a really nice place to come and study.