Bendigo student transcript - Cathy Jamshidi

I’m currently in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy

It’s a four year course and then there’s a pre-registration year where you’re supervised as a trainee.

My first two years… first three years actually I stayed on campus. I found that such a brilliant experience and it taught me so much about the world I didn’t know.

To say the least I think my lecturers are eccentric and wild. They keep you motivated, they keep you going, they push you outside judicial boundaries.

I find it a beautiful location. I grew up in the city so to come to Bendigo where it’s very full of forest and trees and kangaroos at your doorstep it’s just amazing. You don’t believe it until you’re here.

The library I think it’s just had new renovations and it looks great. It’s great to be able to go in there and you end up running into someone that you know and having a quick chat. Same with the computer labs, the communal labs, it’s always great to research the latest things for assignments.

It’s made me the way I am now, it’s forced me to adapt and grow. And I’ve formed brilliant relationships both with students, teachers, the lecturers; and it’s something that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

I think if you’re ready to take a step outside of your life, ready to take a step outside what you’ve always known, it’s perfect, I think it’s a brilliant place to come, I think Bendigo is amazing and it’s beautiful and it’s constantly growing.