Bendigo student transcript - Abby Lang

I’m studying Bachelor of Law and Arts so each semester I do two arts subjects and two law subjects. My course goes for five years.

La Trobe Bendigo has everything that I need to help me with my studies. The library’s open from early in the morning to late at night seven days a week, the computer labs are open early as well constantly. If I need to use the internet I can just come up to the uni and do all my e-mails and everything. All the social support services that I need are here as well. The quality of education here is so much higher than what you might find at a city campus where there might be thousands of students in your class whereas at La Trobe Bendigo the class sizes are so much smaller and you’re able to get the attention that you need.

Coming from the country myself, Bairnsdale, coming to Bendigo wasn’t such a big transition for me, so I really enjoy being in Bendigo because it’s not as busy as living in the city, it’s a lot cheaper, it’s just like being at home in Bairnsdale but better!

On the weekend when we’re not studying we might go into town, we might go shopping, and because Melbourne is so close we catch a train, it’s only two hours straight into the city. We might go shopping there or catch up with some friends.

The one thing that I’ll remember about Bendigo when I leave is all the friends that I’ve made here. Such a close nit community university that all the friends I’ve made here are the friends that I’ve made for life.