Research projects

We teach, we research and we work on the big issues that need addressing. The following research projects are currently underway in Bendigo. Please contact the researchers directly for more information.

Regional office

Professor Richard Speed Pro Vice‐Chancellor (Regional), with Peter Thompson, Monash University
Models of consumer evaluation of new brand extensions: explaining why fit is sometimes irrelevant.

Education, Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Professor Vaughan Prain
Reconceptualising mathematics and science teacher education programs through collaborative partnerships between scientists and educators. Administered by University of Melbourne and funded by Office of Learning and Teaching.

Professor Noel Meyers
Implementation of the Small Island Developing States Mauritius Strategy in the ESA‐IO Region(ISIDSMS). Funded by Indian Ocean Commission.

Associate Professor Mary Keeffe
Reciprocal relationships between Australian and Indian schools and higher education. Funded by Australia‐India Council Grants Program.

La Trobe Business School

Professor Jane Hamilton
Improving fraud detection, financial reporting quality, investor confidence and market returns by using specialist auditors. Funded by Australian Research Council Discovery Grant.

Associate Professor Matthew Nicolson Management and Marketing
Policy development and practice, the relationship between sport and the media, the contribution of sport and volunteering to social capital and the cultural and commercial development of the football codes. Funded by Australian Research Council, the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development and Reclink Australia.

Social Inquiry (Community Planning and Development)

Dr Julie Rudner
Research that explores the gap between policy and everyday life, with a particular focus on how children, young people and people from different cultural backgrounds use, view and experience their environments.

Specific interest: ‘public knowing’ of risk, safety and belonging that supports or limits people’s freedom to use public space independently. Currently examining the relationship between democratic engagement, political extremism and planning.

Dr Katharine McKinnon
Research on the effects of economic development for women's empowerment and gender equality(Indonesia). Funded by World Vision Australia.

La Trobe Rural Health School

Professor Pamela Snow Head, La Trobe Rural Health School
Improving children's language, literacy, and mental health: Evaluating the impact of the Classroom Promotion of Oral Language (CPOL) approach. Funded by Australian Research Council Linkage Grant and the Ian Potter Fondation. Partner organisations include Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Professor Mark Gussy Head, Department of Dentistry & Oral Health
Teeth Tales: A culturally competent community intervention for child oral health in low SES area of urban Melbourne. Funded by Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.

Professor Teresa Iacono
Enabling mainstream systems to be more inclusive and responsive to people with disabilities. Funded by National Disability Research and Development Grant.

Capabilities for eHealth Education: Developing undergraduate digital literacies for health Professionals. Funded by Office of Teaching & Learning.

Promoting healthy ageing in people with intellectual disability. Funded by Dementia Collaborative Research Centres.

Enabling engagement and inclusion: Organisational factors that embed active support in accommodation services for people with intellectual disability. Funded by Australian Research Council Linkage Project.

Translating autism research excellence to a regional service through telehealth. Funded by Building Healthy Communities.

Professor Peter O'Meara
GP Supervisors ‐ and investigation into their motivations and teaching activities. Funded by Australian General Practice Training Limited ‐ Education Integration Projects.

Professor Amanda Kenny
Where do I start: Service models for mental health in rural and regional Victoria. Funded by Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local.

Managing Memory in Older Adults in Regional and Remote Communities. Funded by Research Focus Area Building Healthy Communities.

Expanded clinical placement (SOS). Funded by Health Workforce Australia.

Population Health Planning For Rural Medicare Locals: Evaluating Community Participation for

Delivering Health Outcomes. Funded by Department of Health National Health and Medical Research Council.

Associate Professor Michael Kingsley
Assessing physiological measurements of fatigue and quality of CPR on simulated cardiac arrest. Funded by Laerdal Ltd, Paramedics Australasia.

Associate Professor Bernice Mathisen
The relationship between use of enteral nutrition in the development of feeding and eating skills in infants under 12 months of age. Funded by Windermere Foundation Limited Special Grant.

Dr Prudence Bagley
Housing needs for people with a mental illness living in the Loddon Mallee region. Funded by Bendigo Health Care Group.

Dr Stephen Begg
Population health planning services for Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local. Funded by Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local.

An economic evaluation of urban design as a means of promoting physical activity and health (ECOReside). Funded by National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant.

Dr Byron Perrin
Diabetic Foot Australia: A national initiative commencing in 2015 that aims to optimise clinical practice, stimulate national collaborative research and reduce Australia's amputation rate by 20 per cent within five years. Funded by Wound Management Innovation CRC.

Psychology & Public Health

Dr Pauleen Bennett
Pet‐care practices of Victorian dog, cat and rabbit owners. Funded by Victorian Bureau of Animal Welfare.

Dr Tiffani Howell
Develop an electrophysiological method for measuring olfactory abilities in dogs, using a non-invasive EEG technology recently adapted for use in conscious dogs. Internal funding.


Dr Michael Angove
Remediation of contaminated soils and sludges using novel extraction techniques, protection of organic carbon in soils, absorption of organophosphorous compounds in soil, impact on soil and water of bushfire residues. Funded by EPA HazWaste and various others.