Bendigo campus video transcript


Bendigo is a vibrant regional city in central Victoria, Australia, where almost 100,000 people of all ages and cultures choose to live.

It is the second fastest growing city in Victoria and offers an enjoyable lifestyle.

Living here means you can enjoy the surrounding state parks and forests, exciting art and cultural activities and easy access to the states capital city of Melbourne, just 150 kilometres away.

The beautiful city streets are a tasteful blend of historic Victorian architecture that reflects the gold rush era on which Bendigo is founded and the contemporary style of our newest buildings, which mark the way forward.

The Bendigo campus of La Trobe University is set in 33 acres of natural bush land, just 3 kms from the city centre.

Our students love the benefits of living in a peaceful setting with easy access to a metropolitan centre when they feel like a change.

Abby (student):

The quality of education here I think is so much higher than what you might find at a city campus where there might be thousands of students in your class. Whereas at La Trobe Bendigo the class sizes are so much smaller, and you're able to get the attention that you need.

Dennis (student):

The added benefit of actually being able to study in regional Australia. I'm from the country and prefer to stay in the country rather than going to the city.


Over 4000 local and international students are enrolled at our Bendigo campus.

We offer a wide range of undergraduate courses in the arts, education, humanities & social science, law and management, health sciences and science technology and engineering.

Courses include business, education, civil engineering and information technology, as well as oral health, nursing, public health, social work, psychology, pharmacy.

We also offer a number of unique courses including outdoor education, nature tourism and urban, rural and environmental planning and the visual arts.

Our new dentistry course is the first of its kind in a regional centre for 60 years and La Trobe in one of only two universities in Victoria to offer this qualification. Graduates will help to meet the demand for more dentists in rural Victoria.

Around 500 students are currently enrolled in postgraduate options in key study areas.

Masters degrees are offered by coursework or research and select areas also offer a Doctor of Philosophy and professional doctorates.

La Trobe University offers a wide range of scholarships to new students and continuing students across all fields of study, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

For information on scholarships visit

For more information on undergraduate courses visit

Our range of safe, comfortable, quality and affordable housing options caters for almost 600 students and visiting scholars.

Our residential accommodation supports a diverse and vibrant student community. Our reputation for comfortable accommodation is founded on the care that has been taken both in the design of buildings and the quality of furnishings we use.

In providing quality accommodation and a range of residential life programs and activities, we aim to enhance our students' lifestyles and help them to study effectively and live comfortably.

Our students love the bush that surrounds the campus and their homes, and are in awe of the majestic kangaroos that visit regularly. Some amazing wildlife adds to the beauty of living and studying at our campus.

Live-in staff and a 24-hour security guard service help to provide a safe and secure environment for our students.

Cathy (student):

I find it a beautiful location. I grew up in the city so to Bendigo where it's full of forests and trees and kangaroos at your doorstep, it's amazing. You don't believe it until you're here.

Dennis (student):

You can be sitting up in the Ironbark Centre where we have most of our Outdoor Ed lectures and look out the window and there'll be a kangaroo hopping by or you can hear the birds flying around, which is just a really nice place to come and study.

Our student association also provides an off-campus housing service that caters for students who prefer to live in town or stay with a family. 


Support services are available on campus to assist students during their studies.

There are over 155,000 limited printed volumes in the Heyward Library as well as access to the digital resources of the extensive La Trobe University library network.

This and the extended hours of operation in the modern computer labs provide our students with a wealth of resources to support their learning experience.

Kristen (student):

I find the facilities at Bendigo La Trobe really good. The computer labs have been fantastic for my studies and also the library, I've used all the facilities. The academic skills unit have been great.

Freddy (student):

The library is pretty good, it's well stocked, it's got every single book you might need at any time. The facilities, the computer labs, are all stocked up, you can just do your stuff, your assignments, you can type up your assignments if you wish to.


Personal support is offered in the Student Service Centre where students can access a medical clinic, counselling and a chaplaincy service. We also respect the right of our students to practice their faith, no matter which religion they follow.

Feddy (student):

We have better access, especially for me, a Muslim. I can do my religious activities very well. They provide me good facilities.


Financial assistance and careers and employment guidance is available to support our students. In addition, the academic skills unit can help with the transition to university life and assists with developing the abilities that students need to perform well in their course.

International students have access to specialised support services including English language assistance.

We promote equal opportunity and provide extensive support for our Aboriginal & Torres Islander students and students with disabilities.

And parents of young children can rest easy while they study, knowing that their loved ones are being well looked after in Books and Blocks, our new child care centre.

Neha (student):

The university does so much for disabled students, in fact I'm working with Access and Equity as a note taker, and I scribe for students who can't write and who have disabilities. I think the facilities which are provided here and things which are done for the students are great.


And parents of young children can rest easy while they study, knowing that their loved ones are being well looked after in Books and Blocks, our new childcare centre.

The Bendigo Student Association is dedicated to providing the support our students need to help them cope with their academic workload and enjoy the many and varied social activities they organise.

As well as representing student interests to La Trobe University, Bendigo and the wider community, the BSA provides social opportunities by hosting events, activities and trips.

The association also caters for the physical fitness needs of our students through the Evolution Sports & Fitness Centre.

The BSA provides financial & administrative support for these personal development and social and networking opportunities available through the on-campus clubs and societies.

Runes Student Association Shop and Sweeneys Café are also run by the BSA.

Producing free publications such as the Student Diary and the International Student Survival Guide are all part of the excellent service that the BSA provides.

Dennis (student):

The BSA's run by students and for the purpose of supporting students in the regional campus here at Bendigo. A lot of my time is spent ensuring that we're actively representing student needs and issues, both to the university and to state local and federal governments, and insuring that the needs of rural students, regional students and those studying here at Bendigo have the attention of those who make the decisions.


The opportunities for our students dont end when they complete their course. La Trobe University has over 120,000 graduates with a global network spanning over one hundred countries and graduates are entitled to free membership. Visit the Bendigo chapter alumni web site for more information.

Experience Infinite Possibilities to plan, belong, achieve, fear not, be in demand, leave an imprint. Infinite possibilities for living and studying at La Trobe University, Bendigo campus.