Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminars

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Bendigo campus holds regular seminars. For more information or to register, please visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminars website for more details.

The Future of Australia's mid-sized cities - Policy Workshop

Australia’s mid-sized cities home one in five people in Australians. However, the development of urban policy, the growing focus on infrastructure provision and renewal, the emerging population debate, migration, transport provision, the social changes across Australia and the attention of the media are primarily about what is happening in the nation’s five largest cities.

In 2010, the Community Planning and Development Program convened a two day workshop on mid-sized cities, which home one in 5 Australians.

The Sustainability of Australia's country towns

In 2000 and 2005, the Centre hosted Conferences on Australia's country towns. The first on the future of and the second on the changing nature of country towns.

In 2000, the attention was on the very existence of Australia's country towns based on the belief that the globalisation agenda would see many simply swallowed up as the world moved to one market economy. How wrong that view was.

In 2005, our closer examination showed that there was great diversity in Australia's country towns and that their changing nature reflected many things to do with the very nature of these towns themselves and the context that they found themselves in.

In 2010, the Centre hosted the third in this series of conferences with a focus on the sustainability of Australia's country towns. Please see the Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities website for more details.

Discovering History - Bendigo and Miners’ Phthisis: An epidemic of respiratory disease and the medical response, 1875–1906

La Trobe University, Bendigo Regional Archives Centre and Goldfields Library invites you to a seminar with Brett White from La Trobe University discussing the epidemic of respiratory disease among the city miners after 1875.