Past events

Tuesday 14 August 12:00pm

Interested in studying on exchange in 2019 or 2020? Want to find out how the exchange program works? Come and learn from the La Trobe Abroad advisers to make the application process easier.

Thursday 09 August 05:30pm

Join our expert panel of artists and linguists as they explore the importance of variation, gesture and glitches (mistakes) in their research and practice. Inspired by LAI’s current exhibition The Grammar of Glitch, this discussion will uncover the role of fragmentation, double-take, syntax and overload in visual, spoken and gestural language.

Tuesday 24 July 12:00am

Antonia Sellbach James Little Katie Paine Michael Georgetti Paul Kaptein Ross Taylor

Wednesday 11 July 05:30pm

Come along to find out how you can launch your start up!

Wednesday 04 July 11:00am

Hear directly from New Histories artists in this dynamic FREE program of artist talks.

Monday 02 July 12:00am

Join contemporary artists challenging the concept of art as a historic record in this week of talks, guided exhibition visits and access to gallery back of house.

Wednesday 13 June 05:30pm

Join Yolngu artist Wukun Wanambi and curator Kade McDonald as they chat with Travis Hodgson, Curator of LAI’s current exhibition Miwatj.

Thursday 31 May 04:00pm

A Department of Psychology and Counselling colloquium presented by Professor Cheryl Dissanayake, Director, Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University.

Thursday 31 May 05:30pm

Join us for the launch of our latest exhibition Miwatj.

Wednesday 30 May 01:00pm

Our Art Forum is a weekly public lecture series for La Trobe students and open to the community.

Tuesday 29 May 12:00am

Drawn from the collections of La Trobe University, Miwatj presents the work of five highly respected senior Yolngu leaders: Birrikitji Gumana (c.1898-1982), Dr Gumana AO (c.1935-2016), Mithinarri Gurruwiwi (c.1929-1976), Narritjin Maymuru (c.1916-1981) and Wandjuk Marika OBE (c.1927-1987). These senior men were highly respected community leaders and embraced the act of painting as a means of communicating Yolngu culture with non-Yolngu people.

Tuesday 29 May 12:00am

Drop in to LAI to view four films from the Mulka Project.

Wednesday 23 May 01:00pm

Our Art Forum is a weekly public lecture series for La Trobe students and open to the community.

Wednesday 16 May 01:00pm

Our Art Forum is a weekly public lecture series for La Trobe students and open to the community.

Wednesday 09 May 01:00pm

Our Art Forum is a weekly public lecture series for La Trobe students and open to the community.

Wednesday 02 May 01:00pm

Our Art Forum is a weekly public lecture series for La Trobe students and open to the community.

Saturday 21 April 10:00am

Create a unique family artwork to adorn the walls of your home at this exclusive collaborative workshop.

Saturday 21 April 02:00pm

Drop into La Trobe Art Institute between 2 -4pm on Saturday 21 April to participate in this free collaborative workshop.

Friday 20 April 05:30pm

Ever wondered how your imagination could be enhanced, challenged or transformed through collaboration?

Wednesday 18 April 01:00pm

Our Art Forum is a weekly public lecture series for La Trobe students and open to the community.

Monday 16 April 10:00am

Symposium presented by La Trobe Art Institute in collaboration with Bendigo Art Gallery

Wednesday 11 April 07:15am

Keynote Address from the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs followed by a La Trobe University panel discussion.

Wednesday 11 April 05:30pm

2018 Downtown Lecture La Trobe University Bendigo – Where to from here? and AGM

Thursday 05 April 05:30pm

Join us for the launch of our latest exhibition Collaboratory.

Tuesday 03 April 12:00am

Collaboratory is a series of exhibitions that reflects on the nature of collective endeavour. It offers a way of understanding the relationships inherent in working partnerships, the impact of such practices on medium and process, and the ways in which audiences are engaged.

Monday 26 March 03:00pm

Canada's public and private pensions: Lessons for others?

Saturday 17 March 02:00pm

As part of our current exhibition Infrastructuralism, artist Helen Grogan will perform CONCRETE ROOM. In this sound work, the artist will use a microphone to trace the perimeter (and parameters) of the gallery spaces at La Trobe Art Institute.

Friday 02 March 10:00am

This masterclass brings together experts from La Trobe University’s Art Institute and Master of Art Therapy program to explore connections between Kusama’s life and practice and the practice of art making more generally.

Thursday 01 March 05:30pm

La Trobe University, Bendigo Regional Archives Centre and Goldfields Library invites you to a seminar with Brett White from La Trobe University discussing the history of respiratory disease among miners.

Monday 26 February 12:00am

Orientation for new students

Thursday 08 February 05:30pm

Agatha Gothe- Snape, Carolyn Eskdale, Helen Grogan, Jessie Bullivant, Shannon Lyons. The gallery is more than a frame. More than an architectural setting. In Infrastructuralism, five artists produce and deliver work that ingratiates itself inside the physical system of the gallery. The exhibition exposes the hidden, neglected or secretive support structures that serve as platforms for the presentation of art objects. Presented across all spaces at LAI, the artworks marry humour with material awareness in a playful incursion into the nature of our cultural organisations. All the various facets that go into making up architecture, display, function and administration are brought into play.

Tuesday 06 February 12:00am

A fusion of process, presentation and form.

Thursday 18 January 05:30pm

Join 2016 Georges Mora Fellow, James Geurts as we celebrate the closing days of his exhibition Seismic Field at La Trobe Art Institute. During his LAI residency, Geurts initiated a dialogue between the LAI and the dynamics of the underlying earth, examining the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness. The works are abstract measuring propositions, exploring these forces physically and symbolically. Geurts intervenes the processes of scanning and polaroid photography as site actions, letting weather, temperature, force and the pulse of the body disrupt the form and colour field, blurring the lines between geology and technological praxis. The works investigate seismic phenomena and cultural context, amplifying perceptual and physical thresholds of what is, literally, below our feet. Image: James Geurts' Seismic Field at La Trobe Art Institute. Photograph: Ian Hill, 2017.

Saturday 16 December 10:00am

Register now for our upcoming Change of Preference Advisory Day

Thursday 07 December 10:00am

Seismic Field examines the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness, initiating a dialogue between the La Trobe Art Institute and the dynamics of the underlying earth.

Monday 27 November 12:00am

We warmly invite you to our 2017 Rural Health Conference "Showcasing La Trobe Rural Health School Research: a global focus through a local lens." 

Thursday 23 November 06:00pm

Celebrate with us as we acknowledge excellence in performance, participation and contribution to sport at the University.

Saturday 18 November 04:00pm

An outdoor celebration of art, music and 50 years of La Trobe University.

Thursday 16 November 06:30pm

1766 and All That! Winckelmann and the Study of Greek Vases

Thursday 02 November 12:30pm

Learn more about the La Trobe Accelerator Program, and meet the entrepreneurs who are currently accelerating their start-ups

Thursday 26 October 02:00pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Wednesday 25 October 06:30pm

Facilitated by Professor Amalia Di Iorio, join Alana Johnson and a panel of community and industry leaders, to discuss gender equality, rural development and leadership.

Saturday 21 October 12:00am

Exhibition of selection of artwork from the La Trobe University Collections

Thursday 19 October 05:45pm

You are invited to the 20th annual La Trobe University Art History Alumni Rae Alexander Lecture. Please join us to hear leading art historian Dr Richard Haese explore the landmark exhibition, The Field, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this remarkable showcase.

Wednesday 20 September 04:30pm

Optimization in the Darkness of Uncertainty: When you don't know what you don't know, and what you do know isn't much!

Thursday 14 September 05:30pm

Art exhibition by La Trobe School of Creative Arts

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