Scholarships and prizes

La Trobe University offers its current and prospective students access to a large pool of scholarships and awards and prizes each year. Some scholarships are offered university-wide. Others are offered to students of a particular course, college or campus. Many scholarships are for students starting their first year in a course, while others are for students in subsequent years. There are prizes and awards for leading students in particular areas.

It's worth applying

You'd be surprised at how many applicants succeed! Scholarships are designed to encourage and support all kinds of students. People often assume scholarships are awarded for academic merit, but many are specifically for students who are experiencing financial difficulties, or who come from particular communities. Albury-Wodonga has a number of scholarships open only to students from the region.

Have a look at the eligibility criteria, and if you're not sure if you should apply, contact us.

Find the right scholarship

La Trobe's Scholarships site lists scholarships especially for Albury-Wodonga students – some are for students in particular courses or colleges, while others are open more widely. It also lists university-wide and college scholarships, as well as some external opportunities.

How to find scholarship opportunities on the Scholarships site:

  • Browse scholarships for the sort of student you are (e.g. if you're starting your first year of your first course, you're a 'future undergraduate'). You can browse university-wide scholarships, or by campus or college.
  • Search scholarships by keyword – try using your area of study.
  • Follow the search results links for eligibility and application details.

Research scholarships are listed on the Research website.