Often we go over to Albury and either have breakfast if we’ve had a big night out or lunch at Green Zebra’s a really nice place in Dean Street, it’s a nice sort of atmosphere with cars and that sort of thing, like it’s pretty lively and have a coffee and a chat. I night out we tend to, also Albury its got better night life than pubs in Wodonga, well I personally think but Patty’s you can have a few drinks and a bit of karaoke if you like or just sitting outside chilling, whether you want to go on to the clubs or not you can have just a relaxing night where you can catch up it’s really nice. There’s movies, there’s the cinema centre over in Albury, the movies run quiet late, you can go over if it’s a last minute thing. A lot of people I find tend to have, there are people who have come from other cities and stuff, they are living out of home, they have little house warming parties and stuff like that, so there’re often a lot of fun.


In my spare time I’m a publicity officer for the Albury-Wodonga Theatre Company, we stage musicals and local theatre productions in the Albury-Wodonga area, and we tour them around and we give the local people a chance to get involved in theatre. Each year we stage a full scale musical, and last year we staged a production of Grease and involved a lot of local people in that process and we had 80 cast and crew, everyone was involved from costume through to props and acting, and this year we are staging a production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which is going to be huge. From my drama side, my drama background has given me a lot of skills in public speaking and performance and promotions and PR and I’m working part-time at an employment agency and I’m doing promotions there on apprenticeships and traineeships. Well, when I finish my course, when I finish my Dip-Ed I hope I’ll go and be a wacky little drama teacher, hows that, not too whacky.


Normally I go out on weekends, there is a lot of things down Dean Street, you’ve got all your clubs and everything else and, yeah, it feels like a city when you’re out. Yeah, there is a fair few bands that do come through,yeah, we have got that advantage because its pretty close, they can just travel through. We have got uni nights on Wednesdays so, you can do that on Wednesday night or, yeah there is plenty of time to socialise as well. Albury is probably the best place for shopping because it’s a bit bigger, yeah there is a lot of places in Wodonga as well or travel to Wangaratta even, is only an hour away, yeah there is a lot of places to go.


There is definitely a lot of sports action in Albury-Wodonga, I myself am involved in hockey, its pretty big Albury-Wodonga its got the Easter carnival every year, teams from everywhere come down, Sydney and Canberra. Its pretty popular, we have a lot of teams in the competition, I play on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays and then we train during the week, there is a lot of kids show up and have a hit, its good. Finding a job was pretty good, I got in at Commercial Club in Albury, its supposed to be the biggest club in Albury, they are pretty proud of that, behind the bar its pretty good, they like uni students. The hours are pretty flexible, it’s a lot of night work which works in well with uni, uni during the day and a bit of night work helps. Time management is one of the bigger aspects of keeping it all together, you’ve got to work uni in and study and have some time off to play sport, hit a hockey ball and hang out with friends as well.