Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Lecture

Michael Joseph Savage

Michael Joseph SavageMichael Joseph Savage was born in Tatong, a small north-east Victorian farming community in 1872. He eventually settled in Auckland becoming President of the Auckland Trades and Labour Council.
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Past lectures

2008: How come our Reserve Bank keeps raising interest rates when the U.S. Federal Reserve keeps dropping theirs?
Presented by Dr Don Brash, Adjunct Professor, La Trobe University, Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and Former New Zealand Leader of the Opposition 2003-2006,

No lecture was delivered in 2007.

2006: Globalisation
Presented by The Rt. Hon. Michael Moore, former Director General of the World Trade Organisation and NZ Prime Minister (1990).

2005: The Future of the Water Industry: In private or public hands?
Presented by Tony Plowman MP, Member for Benambra, Shadow Minister for Water (Victoria).

2004: Does Australia have a future in Asia
Presented by Joseph Camilleri, Professor of International Relations, La Trobe University.

2003: Country Parliamentary Representation - Where to Now?
Presented by The Hon Bill Baxter MP, Member for North Eastern Province.

2002: The City, The Country and the State
Presented by Dr Judith Brett, Associate Professor of Politics, La Trobe University.

No lecture was delivered in 2001.

2000: Revitalising Victoria's Democracy: the case for reforming the Upper House
Presented by The Hon Steve Bracks MP, Premier of Victoria.

1999: An Australian Republic
Presented by Mr Thomas Keneally (Australian Republican Movement) and Mr David Thorpe (Australians for Constitutional Monarchy).

1998: How Ideal was the Savage Ideal
Presented by Dr Michael Bassett, Minister in New Zealand's Labor Government between 1984 and 1990.

1997: The Unlucky Country: The Death of Australia
Presented by Mr Phillip Adams AO.

1996: Michael Joseph Savage: His Life and his Legacy
Presented by Professor John Salmon, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Professor of American History, La Trobe University.