2008 Jonathan Mann Memorial Lecture

The Murray-Darling: a flawed vision

Presented by John Doyle
Thursday 16 October 2008, 6.15pm

Lecture overview

In 2006, John Doyle and Dr Tim Flannery took a "tinnie" from the headwaters of the Darling River in South-West Queensland to the mouth of the Murray in South Australia. In this lecture, John Doyle shared his observations of the state of the river and its environs made during the two-month voyage.

About the presenter

John Doyle started life as a jobbing actor in 1980, appearing in a range of theatre productions before creating the character of Roy Slaven for ABC radio Triple J in 1985. Roy has appeared with H.G. Nelson continuously on This Sporting Life on radio since 1986, and also in many award-winning television shows including The Dream.

In 2006, John joined Dr Tim Flannery for the documentary Two Men In A Tinnie, which explored the degradation of the Murray Darling River system, winning the 2006 SPAA Award for best documentary. Their second documentary series, Two in the Top End, was screening on ABC TV at the time of this lecture.