Sustainability at Albury-Wodonga

La Trobe University is committed to developing a whole University approach to Sustainability.

A Sustainability Taskforce has been set up to facilitate the coordination and integration of social and environmental responsibility into all aspects of the University’s work – in teaching, learning, administration, infrastructure management and research. Visit our sustainability site for information about our sustainability initiatives, key courses and related research programs.

Campus initiatives

A campus initiative for 2009 is the Sustainable Victorian Communities Competition, involving a school-based sustainability project for North East Victorian secondary colleges and their communities. Students from the campus will also attend Australia's first national youth climate summit at Power Shift 2009.

Another campus initiative is the set-up of a Green Team to facilitate and coordinate environmentally-friendly approaches in areas such as waste recycling, power use and recycled water use.

Campus courses

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology is a highly-regarded course unique to the campus which develops skills and knowledge valued by employers across a wide range of industries.

New for 2009 is an innovative major in the Bachelor of Business focussing on Sustainable Resource Management. Also unique to the Albury-Wodonga Campus, this major has a multi-disciplinary approach; ensuring graduates will be able to help businesses and organisations to meet the complex challenges of the future.

Campus research

The campus is home to significant expertise in relation to resource management, both within Australia and overseas, with a focus on water policy and pricing and sustainable regional development and conservation.

The Albury-Wodonga campus has also been at the forefront of freshwater research through the Department of Environmental Management and Ecology and the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre.

The John Richards Initiative has been established to lead research and innovation in rural aged care. In consultation with older people in rural communities and other stakeholders, the Initiative will undertake a program of research into rural aged care that enhances resilience, self-determination and wellbeing within the client group.

Community Engagement

Campus staff and students involve themselves in the community in a wide variety of ways, whether it be as teachers or leaders in environmental activities such as the Wise Water Ways Workshop, the annual Rotary Murray-Darling School of Freshwater Research, the local Environment Centre or providing expertise to local and regional Landcare groups.