Dr Jillian

Dr Jillian Cavanagh

Senior Lecturer, Business School Graduate Research Co-ordinator

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Management and Marketing

Melbourne (Bundoora)



Membership of professional associations

Living with Disability Research Centre

Area of study


Brief profile

Dr. Jillian Cavanagh joined the School of Management in February 2010. Jillian has had extensive experience teaching in the Vocational Education and Training, and Higher Education Sectors. Her experience as a course convenor (subject co-ordinator) and lecturer has been across three Queensland universities – Griffith University, Southern Cross University and Central Queensland University. Subjects teaching areas are predominantly in Management, Human Resources and Education. Jillian was awarded a Faculty Learning and Teaching Citation from Griffith University’s Business School consecutively for 2008 and 2009.  

Jillian’s commitment to research is predominantly in the are a of Human Resource Management, employer support and the employment of workers with disabilities; Men's groups and sheds, community development and engagement; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men's health and participation in men's sheds.

Other areas of research interest include workplace learning and, student learning (formative assessment) and retention. In the area of workplace learning she seeks to gain a better understanding of workplace issues through socio-cultural perspectives of workplace learning, participation, self identity and agentic action. Research in the area of student learning and retention includes transition to university, managing large classes and teaching staff, and evaluation through formative assessment. These areas of research provide a working knowledge of some of the conditions that have contributed to employee and student issues and assist in developing sustainable practices for future employees and students.  

Prior to working in the education sector Jillian spent many years as a Legal Practice Manager and Legal Practice Consultant. Within these roles she was responsible for Strategic and Business Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Control, Information Technology and General Administration.

Recent publications


Cavanagh J (2010) Women, work and learning: An investigation within legal workplaces. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag.  

Book Chapters:

Cavanagh J (2008) Women auxiliary workers’ learning and discovering ‘self’ through work In S Billett C Harteis and A Etelapelto (Eds) Emerging Perspectives of Workplace Learning (pp67-78) Rotterdam: Sense Publishers  

Journal Publications:  

Meacham, H., Cavanagh, J., Shaw, A., Bartram, T., and Laing, J. (2017) Accepted for publication. Ethical mnagement in the hotel sector. Creating an authentic work experience for workers with intellectual disbiilities. Journal of Business Ethics. (ABDC A)

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