Asia Grant Program 2014

La Trobe Asia was very pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural Asia small grant program in 2014.

  • Josephine Barbaro (FSTE)
    Project Title: Comparison of SACS and M-CHAT screening tools in China and Victoria
  • Patricia Fenner (FHS)
    Project Title: Arts and mental health in Samoa
  • Andrew Gilmore (FBEL)
    Project title: Measuring Trust of Foreign Suppliers in the Chinese Food Supply Chain
  • Ben Habib (FHUSS)
    Project Title: North Korea and the UN Framework Convention on climate change: Socialising a 'rogue state'
  • Nicola Henry (FHUSS)
    Project Title: The World Courts of Women: Rethinking Transitional Justice Responses to Conflict-Related Gender-Based Violence
  • Nicholas Herriman (FHUSS)
    Project Title:Gerald Gardner and modern witchcraft movements in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Markandeya Jois (FSTE)
    Project Title: Application of a microfluidic devise for studies on nutrient-gene interactions using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism
  • Ron Knevel (FHS)
    Project Title: Comparing of career choice motivation and perceptions of students in Nepal
  • Tomasz Kowalski (FSTE)
    Project Title: Algebraic and Proof-Theoretical Aspects of Bi-Intuitionstic Logic
  • Megan Maher (FSTE)
    Projecdt Title: The Structural characterization of  membrane proteins
  • Dirk Tomsa (FHUSS)
    Project Title: Corruption and Local Politics in Indonesia's Outer Islands
  • Jasmine Westendorf (FHUSS)
    Project Title: Understanding the successes and failures of the negotiated peace settlement in Nepal
  • Kayli Wild (FHS)
    Project Title: Maternal health policy and maternity services in post-conflict Timor-Leste
  • Ian Woolford  (FHUSS)
    Project Title: North Indian Folksong and the World - Sampling Indian Literature and the Global Field