South Asia

These regional strategies will reflect a perspective across the full range of University activity and are informed by the broader strategic objectives of The Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and the Globalisation Plan 2018-2022.

India Strategy

India will have the world's largest population within the next decade, has an ambitious economic reform program, and is investing heavily in its research and development with the aim of driving innovation, productivity, and long-term economic growth.

India shares values and many interests with Australia, it has been identified by the Australian government as a high strategic priority, and has long been an academic priority of La Trobe University. La Trobe is the only university outside Canberra to teach Hindi and our partnership with Lady Shri Ram  College for Women celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2016.  La Trobe is also a foundation member of the Australia India Institute (AII), which provides an important platform to advance Australia-India academic partnerships and to contribute to national debate about India.

To achieve the University’s larger ambitions in relation to the region we must approach India strategically.

In 2016, La Trobe adopted an India strategy with four goals:

  1. To be recognised as among the top three centres nationally for its research and teaching excellence in the study of contemporary India.
  2. To be recognised in India for three particular areas of expertise and excellence: Sport; Health Sciences; and the study of contemporary India.
  3. To have a wider range of productive research collaborations with Indian partners in areas of recognised strength.
  4. To make a wide range of opportunities for La Trobe University students to engage with India in their curriculum as well as through mobility programs, exchange and internships.

It will achieve these goals in the following ways:

  • Invest in La Trobe University's capacity for the study of contemporary India over five years to achieve a set of academic assets that makes La Trobe among the top three universities in Australia for research and teaching on India.
  • Focus our academic engagement with India, particularly in-country activity, on three areas: Sport; Health Sciences; and, the study of contemporary India.
  • Establish three to four strong research collaborations linking interested researchers in La Trobe with India-based counterparts.
  • Improve student mobility and engagement with India.

Download La Trobe University's India Strategy [PDF 269KB]

Image: India Gate, New Delhi, India by Aasif Iqbal