Northeast Asia

These regional strategies will reflect a perspective across the full range of University activity and are informed by the broader strategic objectives of The Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and the Globalisation Plan 2018-2022.

China Strategy in Brief

China's dramatic economic transformation is of fundamental importance to Australia and the world. It is changing the strategic, economic and social environment in which Australia operates, and its massive investment in its tertiary sector presents profound opportunities  as well as challenges to Australian universities. Given our fundamental purpose, we also have a crucial part to play in helping our students and Australian society better understand China and its impact on the world.

In Future Ready La Trobe University made engagement with Asia the focus of its international engagement. China is the most important single country to that effort and to make the most of our efforts we must approach it strategically.

In 2015, La Trobe adopted a China strategy with four goals:

  • To become the leading centre for the study of contemporary China in Melbourne and among the top three nationally.
  • To be recognised by others as the leading university in Melbourne, and among the top three nationally, for the quality of its academic engagement with China.
  • To become a university of choice for China-based researchers and students.
  • To shape national and international debate about contemporary China.

It will achieve these aims in the following ways:

  • The strategy will be implemented by La Trobe Asia and overseen by its Steering Committee.
  • A set of priority partnership programs will be established with key Chinese universities. Collaborative research will be supported by strategic investment.
  • The China Studies Research Centre was re-launched  in early 2016 under new leadership. It is a leading international centre for cutting edge research on contemporary China and supported by new investment in academic capacity.
  • La Trobe University will increase staff and student engagement with China and improve the Australian community's understanding of contemporary China.

You can download the summary of La Trobe University's China Strategy [PDF 193KB]

For more information on La Trobe University's China Strategy, please contact La Trobe Asia