Ideas and insights

Student support: how La Trobe can help you

Discover the ways we’re supporting international students during COVID-19.

What the way we groom our dogs says about us

La Trobe researchers examine how your pup's appearance can impact your bond.

How six nations moved fast against COVID-19

Discover how the spread of COVID-19 changed based on how and when countries went into lockdown.

Join the Push-Up Challenge for 21 days

Help Team La Trobe complete 3,046 push-ups in a national push for better mental health.

Would you like a hospital? Take ours

In a time of social distancing, some communities are drawing closer together – in the best way.

Universities tackle the big issues

A blueprint for the most urgent health, social and environmental challenges on the planet.

'I am touched hearing how grateful they are'

No easy feat: La Trobe academic delivers 65,000 surgical masks to Aussie frontline workers.

The financial cost of drinking culture

A La Trobe study uncovers the financial burdens that come with drinking – and who bears them.

Ready to study again? Do it now for free

Dreaming of studying or starting a business? Get the skills in our free MBA taster course now.

10 silver linings of self-isolation

Friendship, fitness and fun: how we're finding happiness at home during COVID-19.

How laughter can connect and heal

Laughter really is the best medicine. Here's why cultivating a joyful mindset is vital right now.

How to revive your online presence

What does your social media say about you? Check out our tips on curating your online image.

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