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In This Together - National Reconciliation Week

"When my dad first told me about my Aboriginal heritage, I was 29. My culture was kept hidden."

Meet Dale Harris, Bendigo's own Lego master

Learn about the design alumnus who recreates Bendigo landmarks in Lego form.

Australian youth steps up for older generation

‘Now, how would it feel for young people to know that older people en masse had their backs too?’

Your own harshest critic? Be there for you

La Trobe's Ros Ben-Moshe shares how to remain loving and kind towards yourself in the daily juggle.

Free online fitness classes by La Trobe Sport

Need we say more? A live lunchtime class every day of the week including Pilates, yoga and Zumba.

'What does it mean to be an artist?'

Watch: Art therapist Dr Libby Byrne quizzes the definition of ‘artist’ while sharing its benefits.

The life-changing art of saying no

Lockdown is lifting and social invitations are flooding in. But do you just want to say no?

Midwifery student follows pregnancy journey

Hear how Maya followed Roxy's pregnancy journey, from antenatal appointments to birth and beyond.

Dive into cell death with Georgia Atkin-Smith

Dr Georgia Atkin-Smith shares her journey from rural town to creating new infectious disease cures.

Q&A with Valerie Tereshchenko

Can you guess how many shoes The Australian Ballet's Valerie Tereshchenko gets through each year?

13 steps to help you get a great mark

Do you have assessment tasks replacing face-to-face exams in Semester 1? Here’s how to nail them.

Feeling stressed? Mindfulness might help

Learn how mindfulness can help you stay present in a constantly changing world.

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