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Larundel artworks gifted to La Trobe

Collection created by former Larundel patients

Renowned artists unite for Bendigo event

Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou visits La Trobe Art Institute

Leonard French, The Four Seasons

Leonard French sculpture

Artist-in-residence and Georges Mora Fellowship Recipient: James Geurts

James Geurts artist-in-residence at the LAI in November.

Emerging Curator: Brigid Hansen

Brigid Hansen to curate at La Trobe Art Institute in 2018 as part of a new Emerging Curators Program that has been established.

Arts Audiences at LAI Exhibitions

Winter can be an undesirable time of the year to leave the warmth of the home and venture out into the world to look at art, especially in the cooler climes of the Bendigo region.

Open call: emerging curators program

Selection-based initiative that invites submissions from curators in the early stages of their career

Leigh Hobbs Drawings Bring Gallery To Life

Leigh Hobbs exhibition opens at LAI celebrating the renowned Children's Laureate's artwork.

DIY Art Exhibit proves popular

People of all ages are visiting LAI to curate their own art exhibition.

Survival Bias: La Trobe Art Institute's latest exhibition

La Trobe Art Institute's latest exhibition features artwork from five Australian artists drawn from Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Revealing Identity: La Trobe’s hidden art collection revealed

From donated works to student and staff funded acquisitions, the La Trobe University collections are a fascinating snapshot of 50 years of Australian art.

Two exhibitions open at Bendigo Art Gallery

Chris Pedler reports for the Bendigo Advertiser on two new shows opening at Bendigo Art Gallery, including Revealing Identity: The Collections of La Trobe University.

La Trobe art collection on show in Bendigo

Chris Pedler writing for the Bendigo Advertiser, as La Trobe University prepares to showcase its collections at Bendigo Art Gallery.

Photography students showcase their work

La Trobe Creative Arts photography students open new exhibition at the Phyllis Palmer Gallery in Bendigo.

La Trobe prepares for 50th art show

La Trobe Art Institute presents a special exhibition celebrating the University's 50th anniversary.

New sculpture installed at La Trobe

Chrysalid takes pride of place in sculpture park

Artists out late at LAI

The La Trobe Art Institute's After Hours event draws a large crowd to its latest shows in Bendigo.

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