Current and upcoming exhibitions


Monday 11 March 10:00am

Drawn from the Stewart E Fraser Poster Collection, ‘Postered’ presents Australian public health, women’s rights and political posters from the 1970’s & 1980’s.

Castlemaine State Festival Visual Arts Program

Friday 22 March 09:00am

Visual Arts Program

Cameron Robbins, Shadow Phase

Saturday 23 March 04:00pm

Opening event: Saturday 23 March

Melinda Harper, Abdul-Rahman Abdulla, Anna Louise Richardson

Saturday 23 March 05:00pm

Opening Event


Monday 06 May 10:00am

unbranded presents work by Indigenous contemporary artists whose practices undermine and subvert the notion of a singular Indigenous ‘brand’ or ‘aesthetic’.


Monday 08 July 10:00am

Autoluminescent presents work by three Australian contemporary artists who embrace light and luminescent materiality in their work. The exhibition explores the nature of visual perception, light-induced sensory experience, temporality, transformation and interplay between minimalism and monumentalism.


Monday 09 September 10:00am

A cross-cultural & trans-generational weaving collaboration.