Murri Totems mash street art with science

Murri Totems is a new sculptural work by contemporary Indigenous artist Reko Rennie, commissioned for the new La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science. The bright, geometric sculptures draw on traditional indigenous culture, contemporary art and Western science.

The story behind the work

'Each pole has been designed using the five platonic solids – icosahedron, octahedron, star tetrahedron, hexahedron and dodecahedron – considered to be the building blocks of nature within the canon of Western science and philosophy,' said Dr Vincent Alessi, Artistic Director of the La Trobe University Museum of Art.

'They have been painted with the Murri design, a traditional Indigenous diamond-shaped pattern, handed down to Reko Rennie by his father and grandfather. Hence the work brings together the Western world's understanding of the building blocks of nature with those of the Indigenous world.'

'The present is especially evident in Rennie's use of bright "spray-can-like" colours which pay homage to his urban upbringing and artistic education as a street artist.'

'Murri Totems' unveiled

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You can find more of Reko Rennie's work on his website and blog.