Blood Borne Virus Sector Development Program

The Australian HIV and hepatitis public health partnership is a strong network of peer-led and community-based organisations, government, health practitioners, researchers and HIV and hepatitis affected communities.

The BBV Sector Development Program is a knowledge translation and implementation program which works to support and strengthen the Victorian HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C partnership, as it meets the challenges of elimination targets, new prevention technologies and the scaling up of testing and treatment in a sustained pandemic environment.

Focus areas for the BBV Sector Development Program include:

Policy, practice and knowledge translation

Against the backdrop of COVID-10 pandemic, the BBV Sector Development Program works to support the Victorian HIV and hepatitis workforce to adapt its systems and programs to minimise stigma and discrimination, and ensure all key populations are able to benefit from the available HIV and hepatitis prevention, testing and treatment options.

We participate in range of government, policy and community sector advisory and working groups, and work alongside the What Works and Why project.

We facilitate a number of communities of practice which focus on shared learning and strategic problem solving.  These are open to any workers who are interested in participating in a shared learning network, and are useful for both new and experienced BBV workers.  Current communities of practice include the HIV Intersections Community of Practice, the BBV Workforce Network, the Integrated Hepatitis C Nurses, and Women and Hepatitis B.

The BBV Sector Development Program also produces the BBV News monthly e-bulletin of the latest HIV and hepatitis related news, research and resources, as well as details of upcoming events.  Sign up now, or click here for the BBV News archive (


The BBV Sector Development Program works towards improving, upscaling and normalising testing for HIV and hepatitis for people at increased risk and the general community, and increased provider-initiated testing among generalist health care providers.

As part of this, the works with agencies and sectors to develop and deliver best practice workshops that are tailored to specific programs or professional settings.   These aim to equip participants with the information and skills required to conduct pre- and post-test discussion in a stigma-sensitive manner.  This work includes a project supporting the Victorian midwifery workforce to provide best practice guideline-based BBV testing in early pregnancy.

Logo of the Victorian Integrated Hepatitis C Services, with overlaid offset circles of red, orange, yellow and burgundy Victorian hepatitis C integrated services: Nurse-led models of care

The BBV Sector Development Program supports the Department of Health funded Integrated Hepatitis C Services to deliver nurse-led models of treatment and care. The BBV Program supports the nurses to: build system linkages to care in community settings; establish partnerships to deliver hepatitis C services and facilitate a quarterly integrated hepatitis C community of practice.

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For enquiries related to Integrated Hepatitis C Nursing Reorientation Project contact Emily Lenton

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