Blood Borne Virus Sector Development Program

The BBV Sector Development Program works to support and strengthen the Victorian BBV workforce as it meets the challenges of elimination targets, new prevention technologies and the scaling up of testing and treatment.

Short courses

We have three short courses on offer this year:

  • midwifery
  • community health
  • infection prevention

Our short courses equip participants with all of the information and skills required to conduct pre and post test discussion.

Communities of Practice

We are currently facilitating a number of Communities of Practices (CoP). These are open to any workers who are interested in participating in a shared learning network, and are useful for both new and experienced BBV workers.

  • The BBV Workforce Network meets twice a year for half a day and provides a space for people working in HIV and hepatitis related roles to share strategies, collaborative solutions and timely information about emerging issues.  The next meeting will be held in November and the feature topic will be BBVs and Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs.
  • The Hepatitis C Cure Community of Practice formed this year out of a need for people working with communities affected by hepatitis C to share ideas and service models aimed at increasing rates of testing and improving access to treatment. This learning network is particularly focused on ways of enhancing and developing sustainable community based access to the new hepatitis C direct acting antivirals (DAAs).


Each year, the BBV Program coordinates two all day free forums. These forums aim to increase the BBV workforce’s access to new knowledge as well as increase collaborations and partnerships. Each forum is a collaboration with researchers and other community and health practitioners, focusing on a particular topic form a scoping of the workforce development priorities and current research projects.

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