Archaeology staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Andy Herries Head of Department, Archaeology & History 03 9479 1392
Professor Richard Cosgrove Professor 03 9479 1424
Dr. Penny Crook Discovery Early Career Researcher
Dr. Peter Davies Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Phillip Edwards Associate Professor, Archaeology 03 9479 1978
Dr. Ruth Gamble Lecturer, History 03 9479 3667
Dr. Jillian Garvey Tracey Banivanua Mar Research Fellow 03 9479 5082
Professor Susan Lawrence Professor 03 9479 1790
Dr. Agathe Lise-Pronovost Research Fellow
Maddy Maitri Lecturer 03 9479 2806
Dr. Matthew Meredith-Williams Lecturer - Archaeology 03 9479 1531
Dr. Colin Smith Assoc Professor, Archaeology and History 03 9479 6575
Dr. Anita Smith Lecturer - Archaeology 03 9479 1248
Dr. Nicola Stern Associate Professor 03 9479 2429
Dr. Keir Strickland Senior Lecturer Archaeology 03 9479 2557
Dr. Cristina Valdiosera Lecturer 03 9479 3076

Honorary and emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Jim Allen Emeritus Professor
Dr. William Breen Emeritus Scholar
Shaun Canning Honorary Associate
Dr. Ian Evans Honorary
Dr. Asa Ferrier Honorary Associate
Dr. Dianne Fitzpatrick Honorary Affiliate
Dr. Sven Gronemeyer Honorary
Dr. Sarah Hayes Honorary Associate
Professor Diane Kirkby Emeritus Professor 03 9479 2379
Professor Mark Macklin Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Peter Mathews Emeritus Professor
Dr. Lottie Mulligan Emeritus Scholar
Dr. Alexander Parmington Honorary
Dr. Christina Pavlides Honorary Associate
Dr. Elizabeth Pemberton Honorary
Dr. Ashton Sinamai Honorary Associate
Dr. Andrew Sneddon Honorary Associate
Dr. David Thomas Honorary
Dr. Jennifer Webb Adjunct Professor 03 9479 2778
Sylvia Whitmore Honorary

Postgraduate students

NameThesis TitleEmail
Adam Magennis
Adam Valka  
Adrienne EllisYorktown: archaeological investigations at a nineteenth-century British settlement
Alex Blackwood  
Alexander DonaldIdentity, ideology and Late Cypriot
Angeline LeecePalaeodemographic studies of early hominins at palaeocave Drimolen, South
Anthony Bagshaw
Ashleigh Murszewski  
Belinda D'AngeloFunerary practices in the Pelagonia Valley during the Hellenistic
Brian Armstrong3D GIS modelling of Wonder Cave: Development of 3D laser mapping and geophysical techniques to analyse site formation and erosion processes in South African fossil bearing
Catherine TuckerConsumerism, industry and commodities inside Pentridge Prison,
Cathy Carigiet
David AbrampahArchaeology of Danish Plantation Agriculture and Historical Heritage at Dodowa,
Elizabeth FoleyHunter-gatherer societies at Lake Mungo during the Last Glacial
Evan Livingstone-ThomasArtefact lithology in eastern Tasmania: Pathways across space and
Fleur King  
Gary Vines  
Giles Hamm
Haley Banks
Hilary Davidson  
Jamin MoonIndigenous cultural heritage legislation in the post-colonial British
Jeff TheysThe archaeology of hornfels quarries in eastern Tasmania: Lithic procurement strategies and technological
Katherine ThomasHuman-environment interaction, movement and activity traces within the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area (WLRWHA)
Matthew CarterMaritime cultural landscapes of the 'middle ground': The development of the Pākehā shipbuilding industry in pre-colonial New Zealand (1792-1840)
Maurizio CampanelliHuman occupation and resource use in mid-Holocene inland western
Max BoydArchaeology from the Royal Mail Hotel, Blackwood,
Rebecca MiramsPatterns of settlement and separation: The early historical development of maritime Northern Territory within the context of southeast
Rhiannon StammersAn experimental and archaeometric study of the world's oldest potential bone tools from the  palaeocave site of Drimolen, South
Richard MacNeillThe homeland and the frontier, patterns for making do: a reconstruction of culturally mediated assertion, appropriation and usage of land in the early gold-rushes through the analysis of routes, activity areas and domestic and industrial infrastructure in a marginal
Sam CrooksThe archaeology of value: meaning and identity in Chalcolithic
Tara Edwards  
Tom Mallet  
Victoria RossThe archaeology of soldiers and civilians undertaken during the First World
Wendy MorrisonMaking home: An archaeology of early colonial family farming at Gembrook, southeastern