Graphic encounters exhibition

Through a travelling exhibition the project will bring to light prints of Aboriginal Australians and show their significance in the recognition of first Australians and their central place in national identity. Conventions in Australian cultural heritage and colonial cultural history will be interrogated by including the derivation of prints in Indigenous communities, where possible, in documenting their provenance. Together with this inclusive catalogue the Graphic Encounters exhibition will reveal the import of the print archive to Indigenous and national heritage as well as to intercolonial public networks. The ancestors of the custodians of the country where each exhibition is located will be the focus of each distinct exhibition. We are hoping to involve descendants in the curatoriums and exhibition design and to commission artworks by them in response to the archive collated and exhibited.

Through creating an online database the project will create a new resource for descendants and where protocol allows, for non-indigenous Australians to engage with their print heritage.

The cultural circuits of settler-colonialism as forged by the visual elements of print will be displayed in each exhibition. Rather than treat prints as discrete artefacts selected for study for their aesthetic worth, the Graphic Encounters exhibition will showcase how prints traversed the cultural networks of empire. The exhibition will generate fresh insights into the colonial public sphere by tracking the recurrence and reproduction of print imagery, thus discerning new circuits through which its reach and influence will be charted. The exhibition will draw on overlooked locales in the production of knowledge of Indigenous Australians by tracing reprints and run-ons across transnational sites, thereby decentring the British metropole as the centre of knowledge production about Indigenous Australians.

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We are currently in the process of developing partnerships for this exhibition. If you would like to partner with us please contact Graphic Encounters on +61 (0)3 9479 2370 or 0424 132 605

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We are keen to hear from any collectors who would like their artworks to be exhibited as part of the Graphic Encounters exhibition.