The Department of Archaeology and History is global in its outlook and reach, undertaking research into issues of fundamental disciplinary import in different geographic areas and time periods covering the last 4 million years.

La Trobe ranks as the top university in Victoria for Archaeology research, and our research in History & Archaeology and Historical Studies ranks ‘above world standard’ (ERA 2018 assessment).

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PhD Student Projects

  • Haley Banks (Archaeology) - Tourism and Identity in Victoria; an archaeological perspective
  • Alex Blackwood (Archaeology) - The Acheulian to Middle Stone Age transition at Amanzi Springs, South Africa
  • Toni Boyko (Archaeology) - Investigation of the persistence of touch DNA in forensic sampling
  • Max Boyd (Archaeology) - The royal mail hotel: an archaeological investigation
  • Matthew Carter (Archaeology) - The cultural landscapes of pre-colonial shipbuilding in New Zealand (1795-1840).
  • Samuel Crooks (Archaeology) - The Late Chalcolithic to Middle Bronze Age of Cyprus
  • Richard Curtis (Archaeology) - Geochronology & palaeoenvironments of Taung, South Africa
  • Belinda D'Angelo (Archaeology) - Hellenistic Funerary Architecture of Pelagonia
  • Hilary Davidson (Archaeology) - Dress and Textiles, 1500-1850
  • Tara Edwards (Archaeology) - Geochronology of the Bolt's Farm Fossil site, South Africa
  • Adrienne Ellis (Archaeology) - Yorktown: archaeological investigations at a nineteenth-century British settlement site
  • Elizabeth Foley (Archaeology) Stone tool technology from lake Mungo during the last glacial maximum
  • Emmy Frost (Archaeology) -  Investigating dietary change in north-western Tasmania
  • Jessie Garland (Archaeology) - 19th C material culture from Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Greg Hil (Archaeology) - The impact of past gold mining on waterways in Victoria, Australia
  • Fleur King (Archaeology) - Coastal subsistence and land use at Sisters Creek Cave, Tasmania
  • Angeline Leece (Archaeology) - Early hominin dental remains from Drimolen, South Africa
  • Richard MacNeill (Archaeology) - Spatial Patterns of Culture and Industry in Australian Landscapes
  • Tom Mallett (Archaeology) - Rock magnetism of South African Palaeokarst
  • Jesse Martin (Archaeology) - Early hominin cranial fossils from Drimolen, South Africa
  • Rebecca Mirams (Archaeology) - Historical development of maritime Northern Territory
  • Jamin Moon (Archaeology) - Aboriginal cultural heritage management
  • Ashleigh Murszewski (Archaeology) - Geoarchaeology of the Drimolen hominin site, South Africa
  • Jeff Theys (Archaeology) - Lithic procurement and mobility in eastern Tasmania
  • Katherine Thomas (Archaeology) - Human-environment interactions in the Willandra Lakes
  • Catherine Tucker (Archaeology) - Pentridge Prison, through the analysis of the archaeology
  • Adam Valka (Archaeology) - Natufian stone tool technology in Jordan
  • Gary Vines (Archaeology) - The Origins of Victoria's Flour Miller's.
  • Wenjing Yu (Archaeology) - Electron Spin Resonance Dating of South African hominin sites

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