Translating stepped psychological care in aphasia rehabilitation

Project description

This project is the doctoral research of Caroline Baker. It consists of three studies to understand the current evidence-practice gap in the management of mood and depression after stroke for individuals with aphasia. The project includes a systematic review and investigation of perspectives using qualitative methods, involving individuals with aphasia and the stroke multidisciplinary team. The clinical outcomes of the research include: an improved understanding of the evidence base, current stroke care and the viability of stepped psychological care.

Funding body



  • To identify the evidence-practice gap in the assessment and treatment of depression after stroke for individuals with aphasia
  • To describe the barriers and facilitators to providing stepped psychological care after stroke in individuals with aphasia.

Design and method

This project will include a systematic review of the rehabilitation interventions to effectively prevent and treat depression after stroke and two qualitative studies. The first qualitative study will investigate perspectives of health professionals from stroke multidisciplinary teams using semi-structured focus groups. The second qualitative study will investigate perspectives of those living with aphasia using semi-structured, in-depth interviews. Themes and concepts of the findings will be presented.


This project will provide an understanding of the evidence-practice gap in this clinical area. It will combine a systematic review of the evidence for intervention and multiple perspectives of current practice, experiences and the viability of a stepped psychological care approach.  An increased understanding will contribute to the aphasia care pathway in prevention and treatment of mood problems after stroke.

Project members

  • Caroline Baker (The University of Queensland)
  • Professor Linda Worrall (The University of Queensland)
  • Associate Professor Miranda Rose (La Trobe University)
  • Dr Kyla Hudson (The University of Queensland)
  • Dr Brooke Ryan (The University of Queensland)



Date commenced

April 2014

Expected date of completion

May 2017