Enabling healthcare communication for people with aphasia

Project description

To design an app to support people with aphasia to have conversations about their healthcare with their physiotherapist, doctor, nurse, social worker, diecticiant and others. The sudy will involve working with experts in the field to design the app - that is, people with aphasia, their family members and healthcare professionas.

Funding body

Building Health Communities RFA, La Trobe University.

Design and method

The sudy will involve three phases. In the first phase, we will work with experts (i.e., people with aphasia, family members and healthcare professionals) to explore what imagine would be helpful in the Aphasia App. In the second phase, we will develop the Aphasia App and engage in an iterative cycle of feedback from our panel of experts. In the third phase, we will make the Aphasia App available to people with aphasia in hospital. After one month, we will interview the individuals with aphasia and their healthcare professionals to explore how they used the app.


This study will produce a prototype app aimed at supporting people with aphasia to participate in conversations about their healtcare and to take part in decisions that will affect them.

Project members

Associate Professor Miranda Rose (La Trobe University), Professor Nicholas Taylor (La Trobe University), Dr Robyn O'Halloran (La Trobe University), Dr Hilary Johnson (La Trobe University), Dr Torab Torabi (La Trobe University), Dr Marcella Carragher (La Trobe University), Mr Umit Aydin (La Trobe University).

Expected date of completion

Feb 2017