Project description

COMPARE is a national randomised controlled trial recruiting 216 people with chronic aphasia (6 months to 15 years post-stroke) after single stroke and their primary carer/family member.

Funding body

NHMRC (#1083010)


COMPARE is a three-arm prospective randomised controlled trial (RCT) and aims to:

  • determine if two intensive and contrasting treatments – multi-modal aphasia therapy (M-MAT) and constraint induced aphasia therapy (CIAT) – result in better outcomes compared to the usual care aphasia treatments.
  • define which individuals respond best to M-MAT and CIAT, based on the severity of aphasia and cognitive/linguistic profiles.

The efficacy of CIAT (Arm 1) and M-MAT (Arm 2) will be evaluated relative to the UC (Arm 3) in terms of:

  • reduction in aphasia impairment as measured on standardised aphasia tests, and
  • improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of connected speech in conversation.

This project will determine:

  • patient characteristics associated with treatment response
  • the most suitable treatment for particular patient sub-groups
  • the longer-term efficacy of the interventions (at 12 weeks post treatment)
  • the quality of life outcomes for people with aphasia, and
  • the cost effectiveness of the interventions.

Design and method

Single blinded, three arm, prospective, randomised controlled trial.


This study will provide:

  • the first large-scale, international standard RCT in chronic aphasia to examine outcomes from two potent but significantly different treatments, examining treatment response factors
  • vital treatment prescription regimens equipping speech pathologists to provide optimal treatment, improve quality of life and reduce social isolation in people with chronic aphasia
  • evidence that will underpin significant service delivery changes to enhance efficiency in aphasia-related rehabilitation expenditure, and improved patient outcomes.

Project members

Chief Investigators

  • Associate Professor Miranda Rose (La Trobe University)
  • Professor David Copland (The University of Queensland)
  • Professor Lyndsey Nickels (Macquarie University)
  • Professor Leanne Togher (The University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Marcus Meinzer (The University of Queensland)
  • Dr Tapan Rai (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Erin Godecke (Edith Cowan University)
  • Associate Professor Dominique Cadilhac (Health Economics Consultancy; Monash University)

Trial Managers

  • Melanie Hurley
  • Abby Foster

Date commenced


Expected date of completion