Order by specialisation

Molecular interactions at the plant-fungal interface - Plummer Lab

Our research is focused on the interactions of pathogenic fungi and plants.

Nematode genetics - Grant Lab

Our lab is focussed on the development and application of tools to elucidate and manipulate gene function in parasitic nematodes of mammals.

Parasitology - Spithill Lab

The work of Professor Terry Spithill and his team of researchers is focuses on the issues around drug resistance threatening the control of liver fluke parasites (Fasciola hepatica, Fasciola gigantica) which cause major diseases in man and animals throughout the world.

 Plant development and biotechnology - Parish & Li Lab

We are researching plant hormones, regulation of pollen development, and MYB genes and plant development.

Plant development and physiology - Gendall Lab

Our research is based on plant energy metabolism: the impact of energy and stresses on plant quality and yields and the effectiveness of phosphate fertilisers in current agricultural practices.

Plant-soil science - Caixian Tang

Research in this group focuses on soil and nutrient management, soil-plant interactions and the impacts of climate change on soil processes.

Plant-soil systems - Peter Sale

Our research is focused on soil-plant-system interactions.