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Funding for food innovation welcomed

Victorian Government funding for agrifood research and development

Sleep-deprived magpies sing less

Research uncovers sleep-deprived magpies struggle with cognitive tasks

Cracking the dingo’s genetic code

Sequencing the genome of the pure Desert Dingo

Edging closer to better oat varieties

Researchers have filled in details of the oat plant genome 'map'

Comparing regulations for genome edited plants

Transparency in regulations plays a key factor in reducing the negative perception of genetically edited plants and animals

Mysterious marsupial caught on camera

More phascogales in Central Victoria than previously thought

Lavender industry benefits from research

Shining a light on Australia's emerging lavender industry

Growing the future of agriculture

Expanded glasshouses and new lab facilities for plant research

Promoting healthy biomes in China’s rice supply

Human disturbances are endangering microbial species crucial in the role of food production in China, writes Rebecca Borg.

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