Mentor a student

We are actively seeking alumni to mentor La Trobe students through our online Career Ready Mentoring Programs.

Why mentor a student?

  • Share your skills, expertise and industry knowledge
  • Boost your coaching skills and experience
  • Develop the next generation of talent
  • Expand your professional network

Programs on offer:

  • Career Ready Mentoring program - An opportunity for La Trobe University students to learn about different job options and career pathways, understand the kind of skills and experience employers are looking for, and to become more confident choosing and applying for career opportunities.
  • MBA program - A mentoring program to support MBA students to develop their business, leadership and management skills.

What's required?

As a guide, we suggest that potential mentors have 1-2 years of professional experience (10+ years for MBA).

You and your mentee will be guided step-by-step through a structured online program.

The program will include suggested activities and conversation topics designed to help shape your mentee's next career steps. Sample conversations you could have include

  • Setting career goals
  • Choosing/shaping a career direction
  • Job search and application tips
  • What to expect and how to thrive at work
  • How to deal with workplace challenges
  • Ongoing professional development and networking opportunities including professional associations in your industry.

Your mentee may also ask you to provide feedback on a sample resume or a response to a selection criteria.

Program length and contact hours

Each program will:

  • Run for approximately 4 months inline with semester dates
  • Involve approximately 1 hour of contact each week

Contact can be face-to-face, by email, telephone or Skype with frequency of contact to be negotiated between each mentor and mentee.

Looking for a shorter commitment?

We are pleased to present our newest mentoring program:

  • Career Ready Conversations - A mentoring program designed to allow La Trobe University students to consult with an industry expert in a one-off conversation to receive advice on a specific question.

Get involved - register now

If you are interested in being involved please visit the Career Ready Mentoring Program website.

More information

Rhonda Baird
Alumni Relations Coordinator
La Trobe University
T: 03 9479 1507

Dilani Rasanayagam
Online Mentoring Program Administrator
Careers & Employability Adviser
La Trobe University
T: 03 9479 8840